About Nahaia Russ N.D. P.T.

Nahaia Russ N.D, P.T, Registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist.
• Naturopath & Inclinic since 1997
• Ex Personal Trainer/Exercise Motivator 1988 – 1998
• Organic Skin Care Formulator since 1996
• BioCleanse Distributor / Video promotion, since 2005
• Lecturer and Natural Health Radio Host BFM 1997 – 2001
• Energy Balancing Teacher & Facilitator Wellpark College 1998-2000
• Teacher, Wellpark College, Nutrtion 2009
Nahaia treats the whole family including children, and has many families as long term customers which is re-assuring to families and caregivers, that they have help at any time they need it, following the consultation. Once the case take is completed then any follow up for the same person is much easier to process, should some health problem show.
Nahaia Russ is trained in nutritional and herbal medicine, has a special interest in digestive, immune and endocrine disorders. She works with stress and the symptoms or conditions that can set in as a result. She very effectively knows how to curb stress in a simple easy manner using herbal medicine and dietary additions, that are delicious and “no stress” changes.
She is very informative in the consultation, giving you the reasons and explaining the nutritional needs of the body and how that works to correct health and improve on energy and stress etc.
Her training includes a detailed knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biochemistry, plant pharmacology, nutrition and product manufacturing. Nahaia will take the time to listen to you and what your want to achieve. She is down to earth in her approach.

Naturopaths are trained in allopathic medication and the contra-indications for any supplement or herb, so you will be in good hands with a qualified practitioner. A Medical Herbalist is a trained professional with an in-depth knowledge of the way the human body works, and a current up to date knowledge of how to use natural medicine to address the imbalances in the body that result in ill health.
Because everything in the body is linked, a Naturopath / Medical Herbalist will look at what is happening in every body system which means that the problem which has been driving your health issues is identified and addressed, as well as the symptoms. She may use iridology or recommend live blood analysis, or recommend some other tests to provide further information and in which case all the test kits are provided and explained.

The symptoms you have are simply your body’s way of telling you something needs to change.
Nahaia takes the approach that she will not stop working with you, until you get the desired results. Mostly improvements happen in the first month, sometimes it takes 3-6 months for a significant improvement (especially hormone or depression etc) We look forward to seeing you and your family!

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Cranio Sacral Therapy at Natural Health & Detox

Nahaia Russ N.D is trained in Remedial Massage and Sports massage. She is also trained in Cranio Sacral therapy and therefore in her training has covered 180 hours to complete her Remedial Therapy Work.
Her clarity with reading energy and feelings, is useful to clients for increased awareness of themselves. The healing in the session is gentle and powerful with the additional use of reiki, pulsing and spiritual healing work; one that she has practised for over 15 years, also taught at Wellpark College, Auckland during 2007/8.
Cranio Sacral and Energy Balancing is a one hour session and available by appointment.

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