WI-FI protection

AMAZING – FARADAY CAGE developed by Michael Faraday in 1836

Cuts out 95% EMF radiation PROVEN

Router Guard small = NZD $120.00 including freight delivered in 3-4 days

Router Guard large = NZD $170.00 including freight delivered in 3-4 days.

Gas/Water Meter Cover $89.00 including freight delivered in 3-4 days.

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Router Guard

The Router Guard is the newest product that blocks and shields yourself and your family from the EMF, electromagnetic field,  your WiFi emits 24 hours a day. The Router Guard is a custom Faraday cage that blocks about 90% of the EMF emitting from the WiFi routers. It’s easy to install and there’s no assembly required.

You will still be able to get a WiFi signal with the Router Guard installed but the signal range will be reduced by about 10% to 20% depending on your router.  The Router Guard does not change the upload or download speed or performance of the router.

The dimensions of the Router Guard is 12 inches by 9 inches by 3 inches and will fit about 95% of the routers made today.  The antennae will fold down on your router enabling it to fit in the Router Guard, however, please measure your router before ordering.

The Large Router Guard fits the “Xfinity” and AT&T Uverse routers because it is both a router and modem. The Large Router Guard is 12 5/8 x 12 1/2 x 5 5/8 inches.


  • Blocks about 95% of the RF, radio frequency, WiFi Routers emit
  • Fits almost all WiFi routers on the market
  • Easy to use and no tools required to install
  • Router Guard – 12 x 9 x 3
  • Large Router Guard – 12 3/8 x 12 5/8 x 5 1/2

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Here are the PDFs which explain more about the way the Router Guard protects from EMF radiation.

You can download these Documents:

Router Guard Small

Large Router Guard installation

Router Guard Small PDF
Router Guard Large PDF