Zazen Alkaline Water System

zazen Alkaline Water Systems filter out the fluoride from the water!

And zazen is NIKKEN compatible for replacement PARTS.

Freight free on all orders $200 or more including Total Zazen Water Systems.

Freight will be charged $15.00 for orders under $200.

You can order your Zazen system or parts by contacting us directly at, with your name, address and phone number.

We will send a quotation by return for your consideration to order.

Loyalty DISCOUNTS 10% applied for customers on re-order of Zazen Water parts and Total water systems.

Delivery in New Zealand is within 3-5 days from payment.  We provide you service in New Zealand.

zazen Alkaline Water  Price List in NZ Dollars including GST

Item Item Code Packed Wgt RRP NZ$
Total zazen Water System (ZWS)  810  5.7kg  $540
Total zazen Water System with Glass Bottom Tank  816G  3.4kg  $690

System includes: Filter Cartridge, Ceramic Filter, Silver Stones, Mineral Stones and Magnetic Tap  + Free Alkalinity Enhancer.

The Glass bottom tank, is extra, if you prefer Glass, otherwise it comes with the BPA free Plastic Bottom Tank.

Refer to the brochure below.

zazen Replacement Filters & Stones

Code Packed Wgt Frequency RRP
Filter Cartridge 801 600g 6 months $49.95
Ceramic Filter 802 250g 12 months $49.95
Silver Stones 500g 803 550g 12 months $49.95
Mineral Stones 1000g 804 1050g 5 years $59.95

Use code # 802N for Nikken 10L Ceramic Filter

Alkalinity Enhancer 100g 8010 110g 12 months $39.95

zazen Shower Filter Range

Code Packed Wgt Frequency RRP
Streamline Shower Filter 503 675g 2 years $161.00
Handset Shower Filter 506 1100g 12 months $197.00
Raindrop Shower Filter 505 1100g 12 months $245.00
Streamline Replacement Cartridge 504 450g 2 years $125.00
Handset & Raindrop Replacement Cartridge 507 285g 12 months $69.00
Water pH Test Kit 601 150g