45 minutes: $80 SKYPE CALL online 20-30 minutes; mini health consultation, child or adult

60 minutes: $120 SKYPE CALL online 30-40 minutes; prevention and treatment health consultation, adult

90 minutes: $150 SKYPE CALL online 45-60 minutes; full analysis health consultation, adult

First appointments usually require between 60 – 90 minutes

30 minutes – $ 65 – Follow up consultation, or child consultation (up to 13 yrs)

60 minutes – $ 120 – First appointment – Acute health condition, Prevention, treatment health consultation, child or adult

90 minutes – $150 – First appointment – Chronic health condition, Full health analysis including nutrition and zinc taste test.

120 minutes: $200 – First appointment – Chronic Health condition, Full health analysis including iridology and zinc taste test, nutrition and education

Naturopathic Treatments

Your Naturopath:

Nahaia Russ N.D, P.T, Registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist.

Consultations are by appointment only. You can choose your consultation to be in clinic or by skype or phone.

We can also offer a mini consultation if you need a skin consultation and want the right supplements to go with your skincare program.

See for our Advanced Nahaia Active Organics Skincare.


60 minutes Cranio: $120 Cranio Sacral Healing Session

I work in the matrix of LOVE. Re balancing session combining cranio sacral and energy balancing using many different healing modalities, including Reiki and spiritual surgery. 15 years experience. Spiritual Guidance is called in.
Nahaia is naturally gifted & accurate in reading energy; clairvoyant and clairaudient, guidance, re charging, clearing, conveying messages, etc full discussion with notes follows sessions. Useful for emotional clearance, health conditions that do not resolve or find solutions for. Re-balancing / positive energy for healing.

Learn More about Nahaia Russ here>>

Corrective Care includes full case take, initial treatment of the acute symptoms and discussing the final outcome for the any chronic (long term) health disposition that you want corrected.
What do you want for your health? We look for the underlying causes of ill health within the consultation and relevant tests, therefore providing you with a comprehensive health plan to work with immediate improvements. You will also understand the steps Natural Health & Detox professional tailor for your Wellness Plan over a 3 month to 1 year plan also providing continued service to you over the years to come as a valued patient.

Symptomatic Care includes a mini health appraisal and treatment of the immediate problem with herbal products, homeopathy or specific nutritional products according to your individual requirement. We may recommend any appropriate tests to follow through with. Nutritional advice and iridology is included.
In Corrective Care we:
• look at a Comprehensive Health Analysis and use any of the suitable forms for information
• discuss your history, current symptoms, nutrition, stress, life style and emotional aspects
• use Iridology, tongue & nail diagnosis, zinc taste test for part of the assessment
• may test your blood Pressure and pulse
• give you a detailed analysis of your health condition and options for treatment, including working alongside your general practitioner
• may understand that you want to reduce any medications, we refer you to make contact with your doctor to advice that you are working with natural therapies. If suitable your doctor may give you the correct dose for reducing your intake and suitable steps to cut down gradually as you are monitored.i.e sleeping pills, blood pressure, anti-depressant medications.
• plan a 3 step back-to-heath plan which usually requires minimum 2 follow up sessions
• may recommend any of the tests below

Diagnostic Testing: (see tests for full overview)

Live Blood Analysis,
Allergy Testing (Hair or Blood or Saliva),
Toxic Element Urine Test for Heavy Metal Exposure
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis for Gut function, Bowel Health
Liver function Test, Adrenal / Cortisol (stress hormone) Test (saliva), Specialised Hormone Testing (Saliva)
Med Lab Blood Tests (Blood/General)
We use Nutrition, Ortho-Molecular Nutraceuticals and Bio -Energetic products to help you back to great health:
• “Practitioner Only” Supplementation (see products)
• Herbal Medicine – liquid, tablets or capsules – standardised constituents for excellent results
• Specialised Children’s range of products
• Homeopathy in tablets, sprays or drops
• Flower Essence and Homeo-botanical remedies safe for children, elderly and animals
Plus we offer a whole lot more … (see what is a naturopath)

What do we treat?

  • Allergies
  • Digestive disorders
  • Stress /Anxiety
  • Mood Disorders/Addictions
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Headaches / Migraines
  • General Fatigue / Chronic fatigue
  • Infections – Viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic
  • Coughs, colds, flu
  • Inflammation & Pain
  • Arthritis / Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Blood Pressure
  • Skin Problems – Acne, excema, dermatitis
  • Women – Menopause, PMT, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Pregnancy care, Birthing care
  • Men – Prostate
  • Children’s ADHD, Immune, Skin problems, Behavioural, Learning, Babies

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Also please go online to the below link, and fill out the health appraisal, by clicking on health appraisal, and entering the information including the practitioner number.

We will receive your results directly.

We will further advise you once booked with a consultation whether we need you to fill out the mood and stress questionnaire too.

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Practitioner Number is: NZ0055

After full forensic analysis, we take the guesswork out, you get the results!