• For an effective and affordable Detox, Massage & Relaxation leaving you feeling de-stressed and re-energised.
  • For Rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit.

FEEL GOOD NOW Detox Circuit includes:  


2. Migun Professional INFRARED MASSAGE BED



Plus optional:

Naturopathic Consultation

Cranio Sacral Healing Session

Session costs: $40 per session Paid on day;

Time Allocation: maximum up to 40 minutes each session of Detox Circuit 1, 2 or 3

Special bulk purchase;  $35 per 6 sessions in advance $210

Special bulk purchase; $30 per 12 in advance $360

Use any of the technologies, Sauna, Massage bed, Foot spa at any time of the 6/12 sessions.

  • Free mini consult with concession 12 sessions Detox Circuit.
  • Mini Naturopathic consultation: $65 – 30 minutes
  • Full Naturopathic consultation: $130 – 75 minutes
  • Cranio Sacral Healing Session: $130 – 75 minutes

The following tests may be offered or recommended before a consultation, unless the consult is by Skype.

  • Live Blood Analysis: referral $70 – 10 minutes, Remuera Auckland
  • Iridology Report: referral $90 – 10 minutes, Remuera Auckland

Reports are discussed and provided to you at your Naturopathic consultation with Nahaia Russ N.D.


  1. HEALTH MATE 3 seater Sauna

Utilising the Far Infrared Health Mate Sauna, for detoxification of chemicals and heavy metals, also rejuvenating to the adrenals and circulation. Re-energises the body.

A Health Mate sauna is a perfect and safe solution for achieving detoxification, recovering after exercise and cutting weight.

Read more about why you should use Health Mate at website here:

  1. MIGUN – Infared Thermal Massage Bed

We also have this piece for laying on the body, and one that goes under neck (not shown)

The HY7000UM-W Migun Physiotherapy Table is cutting edge pain management therapy for in home and professional clinical use. Migun Therapy will help to improve most types of chronic pain with many users reporting the ability to reduce or eliminate certain medications…

Far Infrared Migun Massage Bed helps with re-alignment, relaxing muscles and helping with rejuvenating the body and energy, including reducing pain.

How does Migun Therapy Work?

Migun Therapy Table is an FDA registered class II medical device. It combines deep far-infrared heat, massage therapy, and acupressure while gently flexing and stretching your spine and relaxing your muscles. Our patented jade massage heads are placed in a specific measurement to help stimulate better blood flow and nerve conduction along your spine which helps to stimulate your autonomic nervous system deep within your body. Your autonomic nervous system controls all the functions and things that happen in your body that you don’t think about. Things such as blood pressure, blood glucose regulation, digestion, bladder function, breathing and much more.

Studies conducted at the University of California Irvine and reports from customers show improvement in chronic pain levels, lower blood pressure, and better regulation of blood glucose levels for type 2 diabetes, more energy, improved sleep and less digestive problems.

What is Migun Therapy and what does it feel like?
Treatment on the FDA approved Migun therapy table consists of a warm comfortable relaxing 15 to 30-minute treatment that is extremely effective at reducing or eliminating pain. It helps to relax muscles, relieves joint pain and stiffness and increases circulation. Specially designed and patented jade massage heads run up and down your back from the tip of your head to the bottom of your tailbone. At the same time, another set of the massage heads run up and down each leg.

Questions and answers at Migun: Click on the image below to read more.

  1. Biopulse – Ionic Detox Foot Spa

The Ionic Detox Foot Bath will aid in

  • Kick starting your body’s natural ability to disperse toxins.
  • In bringing your body back to a state of harmony and balance
  • Renew your Energy Levels so that you experience a greater feeling of well-being
  • Re-balance and harmonize your body

Read more at website.

BioPulse Ionic Foot Spa provides ions to your circulation through absorption that helps to reduce free radicals and acidity, also energising at a cellular level. The energy is held for up to 48 hours for cleansing and rejuvenation within the body. Toxins move through the normal channels, after a foot bath and do not excrete through the feet. 

Frequencies are an added bonus, for example Schulman and Rife frequencies to chose from.

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