Download the required forms as per Nahaia’s instruction to you. Fill it in, and fax it to us. We will contact you to discuss the results. Alternatively, bring it with you to your consultation. If you would like a diagnostic blood analysis and microscopic Iridology test before your consultation with Nahaia then please contact us first to discuss.

When you have booked an appointment please print out the clinic questionnaire form for your appointment.

Also please fill out the health appraisal, by clicking on health appraisal below, and enter the information including the practitioner number.

We will receive your results directly.

We will further advise you once booked with a consultation whether we need you to fill out the mood and stress questionnaire too.

Click here for the credit card authority – optional, as this can help us with any repeat orders for better customer service.

Practitioner Number is: NZ0055

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Live Blood Analysis and Microscopic Iridology Test performed by Richard Aylett

Natural Health and Detox provide medicine which is often sourced from MediHerb Herbal Medicine (for practitioners only). Click Here>>>
Understanding the high Quality Standards of Herbal medicine prescribed.

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Use our Contact us Form. When you have received a confirmed appointment, please print the following forms; Clinic Questionnaire and one of the Health Appraisal &/or Stress Q as directed
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Five Pillars of Health – The Essentials for Healthy Living (251KB)

Environmental Detoxification (196KB)

Feed Your Brain (116KB)

Case Studies

Here are some case studies from practitioners who have successfully treated patients not making much progress under a conventional medicine approach. We intend to keep adding case studies to this section on a regular basis.

Oliver 8 years old – ADHD (18KB)

Hayley 3 years old – Excema (18KB)

Jane 36 years old – fatigue (18KB)

Martin 48 years old – IBS (18KB)

Matthew 14 years old – Chronic Fatigue (18KB)

Would you like to let us know your story? If you have been to see Nahaia Russ and received a program to improve your health, please share your beneficial outcome with us by email.