Project Description

Detox – and feel great in the process..

Treat your body to a spring clean and feel fantastic!
Signs that you may need a detox:
• Tiredness or lethargy
• Allergies or sensitivities
• Digestive disturbances
• Poor short-term memory and concentration
• Mood swings
• Recurrent headaches
Your body may be overwhelmed if you consume and produce more toxins than your body can easily get rid of.
Professional Express Detox programs (2-3 weeks) also available.
Your Practitioner is trained to support and guide you on your journey to true health and vitality.

Inner Cleansing –
Liver Regeneration Program

Recommendations and Treatments for Liver Regeneration
This program addresses the importance of:
• Toxicity
• Chemical Build Up
• Detoxification
• Diet
• Nutritional Support
• Homoeopathic Support
• Exercise and suggests
• Tips for the Liver Regeneration Program.

Nahaia Russ N.D specialises in detoxification as being the most single important aspect of individual well-being.

When you hear the word ‘detox’.. What do you think of? You may immediately think of feeling nausea and deprived of food! ….
We help you cleanse and stay feeling great!! You do not need to feel worse to cleanse yourself… In fact you may find it to be enjoyable and generally feel better as you go through the program.
We do not want any patient feeling like they are ‘detoxing’ as such…for example nausea and fatigue.. although in some cases of severe toxicity, excessive parasites or very high levels of heavy metals, the initial period to start with may cause some aggravation. We support you with the right program from a consultation.
Cleansing normally starts with a parasite & large intestine (bowel) cleanse for 2-4 weeks.
Following this a liver cleanse for 3 – 12 weeks. We often use products such as Mediclear as a base product for an effective liver and rejuvenation cleanse. This product will give you the nutrients and amino acids to balance and cleanse your liver, helping it to function better. See image on detox pathways pdf for your information.
You may also need a comprehensive detoxification of solvents, chemicals &/or heavy metals. In this we tailor these programs effectively for you with specific products and programs. Remember.. You will feel great and you are cleansing at the same time!!
We also like to provide you with a maintenance program so detoxification is a daily ritual. ‘Feel good now always’
We also recommend special technology offered at Natural Health & Detox with the Bio-Cleanse Foot Bath to energize and cleanse at a cellular level which also gives you extra energy during the releasing of toxins, so you always feel more alive and well.
We recommend that for best results a concession of 10 or 20 bio-cleanse sessions. Sometimes depending on your level of toxicity and your current level of vitality, it may be suggested to do more sessions until improvement.

See Tests for toxic elements urine test often used to assess heavy metal exposure.


Heavy Metals & Chelation

Please view this following information on
Chelorex liquid and

Chelorex tablets
We often prescribe these for detoxification of heavy metals/ chemicals. This may be prescribed with a program of bio cleanse sessions or infrared saunas or you may wish to do this on its own. Depending on your toxic element urine test result (see tests) and general health status we decide which products/ therapies are best for you. These products are ‘practitioner only’ and you do need an appointment to arrange a program suitable for you.

Which Chelation product should you choose?
See this comparison chart


Valued at $45 for new clients when you book your first consultation, massage or healing session. Or, for existing clients every time you refer / bring 1 new client for Bio-Cleanse, Massage or Consultation. Just let us know when booking. We highly recommend Biopulse/BioCleanse for purification and rejuvenation suitable for all detox programmes. We get effective results with Biopulse sessions alone.

Attend a Seminar about Detox with Biopulse and try a session

Watch a DVD video about BioPulse now

Detoxification through professionals such as Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists gives you monitored effective targeted cleansing as and when required.

Do you have:

  • Have chronic digestive problems
  • Have impaired liver function due to: alcohol, poor eating habits, high stress, chemical exposure in the workplace, and hepatitis?
  • Have chronic headaches
  • Have chronic skin conditions
  • Stiff, aching joints and muscles
  • Susceptibility to infections
  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Allergies
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Depression and moodiness
  • Poor quality sleep and insomnia?

Benefits of Cleansing:

  • Break up and remove toxins
  • Rebuild your immune system as you replenish the nutrients
  • Raise your body energy levels
  • Reach your optimal weight, flatten your stomach
  • Look and feel better
  • Overcome allergies and illness
  • Know how to prepare nutritious meals for you and your family
  • Understand the principals of healing foods

For information on Mediclear

a protein shake that cleanses the intestines and helps to improve your gut function (immune system) plus give you good quality rice protein click here;
Detox with Mediclear

For more information on detoxification in detail see;

Detox booklet pdf.

For information on detox pathways; see the chart here;

Detox nutrient.pdf