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Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms patients present with in clinical practice. It is estimated 80% or more of people in Western developed nations worldwide suffer from it at some time in their lives.

Adrenal Fatigue is a common health disorder that can affect anyone who experiences persistent or severe emotional or physical stress. It is an important contributing factor in many acute & chronic health conditions.

Fatigue is one of the most common complaints our patients present with. There are many nutrients involved in energy production for patients with fatigue. For example, did you know that:

  • Essential fatty acids are important in cases of fatigue due to the role they play in mitochondrial membrane stability.
  • Inflammation is a major contributor to fatigue as it has a direct effect on mitochondrial function as well as inhibiting thyroid function.
  • There is a strong connection between fatigue and sex hormone imbalances
  • There is clear association between obesity, toxicity and fatigue.
  • Immunological dysfunctions can be a key factor in poor energy production

We assist in supporting patients with healthy energy biochemical pathways by supplying the following:

Nutritional support for healthy energy production and optimising mitochondrial function. Plus therapeutic herbal formulas specifically designed to assist in the management of symptoms associated with thyroid disorders.

A Program designed to address the core reason for fatigue, which includes looking for underlying toxicity, impaired liver function, high stress hormones and imbalanced nutrition etc etc..

Solutions for Fatigue & Exhaustion
Fatigue is an extremely common complaint amongst the general population. It is estimated that more than half of our patients consider fatigue to be an issue, with 20% of them experiencing chronic, ongoing fatigue lasting six months or longer. Assisting patients to optimise their energy levels can significantly improve their quality of life and regain their enthusiasm for living.

The Mitochondrial Basis of Fatigue
Mitochondria are cellular organelles often referred to as “the power house of the cell” as they are the major site of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. ATP is essentially the currency of cellular energy and is produced via the metabolic pathways of the Kreb’s Cycle (also known as the Citric Acid Cycle), the Electron Transport Chain and Oxidative Phosphorylation. All cell function and physiology depends on efficient production of ATP via these metabolic pathways, therefore any mitochondrial defect has the potential to reduce available energy and reduce cellular performance.


Nutrition required for mitochondrial function – energy pathways


Other Causes of Fatigue
Mitochondrial defects are a common cause of fatigue, but there are other disorders that may be implicated in fatigue. When treating fatigue we also consider these factors:

  1. Iron deficiencies and anaemias.
    2. Endocrinological dysfunctions, including thyroid dysfunctions.
    3. Inflammation.
    4. Stress and mood disorders.
    5. Impaired gut and/or liver function.
    6. Insulin resistance and obesity
    7. Heavy Metal / Chemical Toxicity (number 1 cause for chronic fatigue)

Are you:

  • Tired for no reason?
  • Having trouble getting up in the morning?
  • Dependant on coffee to keep you going?
  • Feeling run down and stressed?
  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed?
  • Having menstrual problems which get worse as you age?
  • Dragging yourself through every day?
  • Craving salty or sugary snacks?
  • Struggling to keep up with life’s daily demands?
  • Unable to bounce back from stress or illness?
  • Not having fun anymore?
  • Experiencing decreased sex drive?
  • Simply too tired to enjoy life?
  • Can you say “I haven’t felt well since…”
  • Do you find that your allergies, skin problems, asthma or health issues get worse when you are stressed?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions you are likely experiencing adrenal fatigue.

Natural Health & Detox does a huge amount of work with adrenally fatigued people. We also recognise the link between healthy adrenal function and thyroid function and ensure that both glands are treated correctly where indicated. We use the treatment program clinically tested by Dr. James Wilson and can tailor the treatment to your individual requirements.
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Biopulse / Bio-Cleanse treatments are also suitable for increasing vitality and wellness.(See

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Click on the link to the web site which is one very good solution we provide patients in Natural Health & Detox clinic. It shows 3 different levels of treatment samples:
mild, moderate, severe.

This link below is detailed information on nutrients and treatment for healthy mitochondria and energy.